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Yellow Shirt Safty Patrol

Category: Brickyard 400
Name: Teresa V
Date: 29 Jul 2009
Time: 05:22:28


I am so impressed with the yellow shirted safty patrol they were FANTASTIC and well deserving a raise.. I attended with a wheelchair bound husband and they assisted us in getting directed to parking, up ramps , the handicapped carts were a life saver, i just cannot say enough about how they made the stress and worry of the day just fall away and assisted us in enjoying the day. The letting us out after the race was understandably a crush and they handled it greatly. i was so angry at the indianapolice police dept and swat members who felt they could cause my to back up and get around me and were rude the yellow shirts beat the cops hands down in professionalism and coutesy I will always remember the day as a great experience and thank the IMS for their terrific staff T.V. parked near media center and transported to and from noetheast vista i would never have made it without you guys you have my undying gratitude. Bless you all

Last changed: July 29, 2009